Where does serenity Perform?

Serenity performs Worldwide.


How much does Serenity charge?

Serenitys prices vary, depending on the event, location, duration and requirements of the job. Price lists are available on request.


How do Serenity rig their equipment?

Serenity can recommend professional riggers who they use on a regular basis.

Very basic rigging can be completed by Serenity themselves if equipment is to rigged off trussing no higher than 5 metres and are given access to a cherry picker.


What are the rigging requirements for an aerial performance?

Technical specifications and risk assessments will be supplied on confirmation of job.


Do Serenity supply their own equipment?

Serenity supplies all their own Aerial and Ground-based equipment ie silks, hoop, net and Toybox etc.
Basic rigging equipment for aerial work is supplied by Serenity but for more complex rigging requirements a professional rigger would supply the equipment.


Do serenity supply their own costumes?

Serenity owns a wide range of costumes in all different colours for each of their acts. These costumes can be applied to different music or new ones can be created to suit different themes and events.


What events have or can serenity perform at?

'Serenity performs internationally and can cater for all occasions.


What skills do Serenity have?

Serenity has a multitude of skills:- Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop, Aerial Net, Aerial Pyramid, Contortion, Duo Acrobalance/Contortion, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Harness Work, Ribbon Dancing, Dancing, Modelling,.


What insurance is Serenity covered by?

We hold world-wide full liability equity cover.


We are putting on an event can Serenity suggest ideas to create this?

Serenity are very versatile, and with a small brief can create a range of options and ideas for entertainment at your event.


How long are Serenity's performances?

Serenitys performances are on average between 4-6 minutes but can be slightly longer or shorter depending on your event requirements. Aerial hangabout and walkabout are usually performed in slots of 10-15 minutes.